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  • They Hustled him out of town

    Lectio Divina Article: Brendan Clifford,
    February 2013...

    Brendan Clifford - In January 2010 a devastating earthquake struck the island of Haiti.  An estimated 316,000 people were killed, 300,000 were injured and a million were made homeless.  On the following Sunday people gathered in the ruins of the cathedral in the capital, Port-au-Prince, to celebrate Mass.  The celebrant, Fr. Toussaint, said something you may find helpful, especially if you are angry with God.  “Thanks be to God that we are here.  But this does not mean that we are better than anyone else.”  He said that they were not better than the thousands who were dead.  It was not that those present had survived because they deserved it and that the others did not.  They were alive only by the mercy of God.

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Statement from the Dominican Order on the Book by Thomas L. Brodie, O.P.

Statement from the Dominican Order on the book
Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Memoir of a Discovery,
by Thomas L. Brodie, O.P.
Questions have been raised about statements in the book, Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Memoir of a Discovery, by Thomas L. Brodie, O.P. The Irish Dominicans take seriously the contents of the book, notably that the author's conclusion that "Jesus did not exist as a historical figure". This,Father Brodie sees as flowing necessarily from his tracing the literary background to the New Testament . 
The Irish Dominicans are following the process within the Order's Constitutions for handling disputed teaching.  This involves  a committee of scholars examining the book and reporting on it. In their examination and in their report the author has a right to present his views. This process is still ongoing, and remains confidential until it has concluded.
The Irish Dominicans intend, in coming months, to publish reviews and assessments of Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus in their magazine Doctrine & Life.

Issued on behalf of the Father Gregory Carroll, O.P., prior provincial, by Bernard Treacy, O.P.,  087 947 0563
21 January 2013